Know More About Poker

Know More About Poker

Poker is a card game that originated in North America, where it is the most popular card game. It is considered the National Card Game of the United States. Poker has a huge number of variants across the world but the most popular is the play and spread jargon in the US. The game is played between any number of people between 2 to 14 but the idea strength is 6,7, or 8 people.


It is a game run on the bet or loses condition, where money and capital are included and usually players take up risks with their hard-earned money. This game is a skill-based game although luck plays an equally important role in winning or losing the bets.

Poker is popular throughout the world as different forms of playing styles, be it house parties, private gatherings, big business trips, clubs, poker clubs, or online poker gaming applications. Poker is a game based on five cards per head, where the person with the most unique type of card set wins. Players bet on their cards and claim they have the most unique set and put forward a great amount of money while the person who thinks they have a more unique set puts up money from his/her side as well, now when all the bets have been collected as a whole all of the players show their cards to each other one by one and the person with the most unique set of cards wins the entire amount of bet collected.

Why play poker

Why play poker?

Poker is a game considered for fun and entertainment purposes but, people nowadays, who are unemployed or are seeking more money to satisfy their needs, are considering poker as their source of income. The toxic world that aroused around poker remains unseen when people talk about poker in a traditional way.

People risking their lives and the life-earned money in a bet for a game that they think might provoke their luck and make them unrealistically rich. They take loans from their relatives just to bet on their cards in a wish for miracle to win the entire bet amount. And just in case they lose the bet, they get burdened with more and more loan on their shoulders that carry on to their future generations.

Poker is and should continue to be a traditional game for entertainment purposes, instead of being negatively used to test people’s luck on money.